We are a team of

Floral Designers & Event Curators

Carving out a niche beauty experience in the High-Country of Colorado

We create one-of-a-kind floral works inspired by the changing of each season. We practice the art of table setting. We are excited by elevated ideas over trends. We aim to forever learn and grow creatively. We offer carefully curated custom designs for full-service weddings and events. We also have an al la carte service option for simple weddings and events. It is our mission to create the perfect floral atmosphere for all our clients for any occasion.

Custom Floral Design and Plant Shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Custom Floral Design and Plant Shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Our Design Philosophy

We highlight the nature of each client and space to create a beautiful and cohesive look. We are inspired by our surroundings and by bringing the environment into our designs.

The base of our floral design philosophy is inspired by Ikebana, the art of Japanese flower arranging paired with traditional English garden floral styling. The principals come from creating impact shapes and lines, with soft color transitions, and always some texture that attributes to the current and fleeting season.

We promise to provide thoughtful designs with attention to detail and unique ingredients to make your event truly exceptional.

We Design Spaces and floral works that

applauds the classics

while highlighting a

natural and contemporary aesthetic.

Custom Floral Design and Plant Shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Behind The Name

“I named this venture after the little dirt road I grew up on. Linden Lane was so alive. A place dense with towering oak trees, rose bushes, ivy vines, and fern-covered earth. As a kid, we were never just setting the table, but telling stories of the past with every antique linen and heirloom candle holder. It brought a sense of importance to gathering around and commemorating a unique experience, the passage of time, and the natural world beyond our doors.”

Caroline Jordan
Owner and Designer

Photo by Peyton Ruchti